1. Great Pioneers of Plastic Surgery

    The photograph  was taken with the legends of Plastic Surgery, Mr U Khan, Pioneer of Muscle Splitting Augmentation (UK), Dr Tonnard of MACS face lift pioneer (Belgium), Ruth Graf (Brazil) Pioneer of Subfascial Breat Augmentation and Greatest of all Dr Tom Biggs of US and pioneer of Breast Augmentation using an Implant. Dr Biggs used the first Breast implant in the history of World with Dr Cronin and Dr Gerow in 1963.


  2. IMCAS 2013 Annual Meeting Paris.

    Annual Meeting IMCAS in Paris was attended by nearly 2000 delegates with 400 national and international Speakers. I had four presentations and Chaired a session on Breast Aesthetics (IMC). The speakers included Dr PerHeden (Sweden), Prof Scot L Spear (USA), Dr C Stan (Romania), Dr Nuri Celik (Turkey). Session was Co-Chaired by Dr Maria Perez Editor-In-Chief Iberian Journal of Plastic Surgery.image

  3. Khan UD. Muscle Splitting, Subglandular and Partial Submuscular Augmentation Mammoplasties. A twelve year retrospective analysis of 2026 primary cases. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

    A twelve Year research will be published in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal and is available OnLine First. The article shows the benefits of Muscle Splitting Augmentation, technique pioneered by me. The number of revision surgeries in 6 years time was 7 times reduced when compared with Submammary (in front of the muscle) or Sub-muscular (behind the muscle) breast augmentation techniques. Surgery for bleeding was greatly reduced in Muscle splitting augmentation. Most of the surgeries were performed as day cases. The results after six years showed very good results in almost all type of breasts. The talk was given in Annual IMCAS meeting in Paris 2013 and  IMCAS Hong Kong 2012.image

  4. IMCAS Asia Meeting Hong Kong

    I presented my research, findings and experience with Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) Implants. The study was illuminating and was liked by the audience representing different countries. Study will be published soon. Next meeting of IMCAS will take place in Paris.


  5. Dr Thomas Biggs in London May 2012.

    Dr Thomas Biggs is a legendary and Iconic Plastic Surgeon of the world. He is also a great friend and mentor of mine. With Dr Cronin and Dr Gerow, he was one of the first surgeon to use breast implants in the history of Plastic Surgery. He had been instrumental in my professional development and the reason that I have written more than thirty five peer reviewed articles since I have met him in 2006.

  6. Muscle Splitting Augmentation, presentation in Rome by Dr Berlanda.

    Dr Berlanda presented my technique of Breast Augmentation in Rome, May 2012. He has popularised the technique in Italy and Europe and he is now one of the leading expert on Breast augmentation in Italy

  7. Lip Reduction, Reshaping, Enhancement (Cheiloplasty)

    Lip enhancement or reduction or reshaping

    can be done using many techniques and for many reasons. Most common request for lip reshaping

     is for lip enhancement. Lip enhancement can be done using fat transfer, dermis-fat graft, Cut

    and Roll technique, Bull Horn subnasal excision, various prosthesis but the most common means

    for lip filling is the use of Hyaluronic Acid (Juvederm). Other request for lip reshaping is for the

    reduction of lip volume, for upper, lower or upper and lower lips. Before and after photos of

    various procedures are given above.

  8. PIP Implants: Why I stopped using them. Live interview with BBC Kent on 2.2.12 AM


    A detailed interview was taken by BBC Radio Kent in which I explained to listeners why I stopped using PIP silicone implants. How I communicated with Clover Leaf Company (PIP distributors in UK), communications with PIP Implant Company in France regarding the results of ruptured implants and my communication with my previous clinic showing concerns regarding the quality of PIP implants and the need for an internal investigative audit for PIP implants ruptures. The findings were later published in a Peer-Reviewed journal in America for broader awareness of the issue.

  9. PIP IMPLANTS. Radio 4 ReportS on PIP implants including my views of the product.

     Leading Plastic Surgeons of UK giving their views about PIP implants. In the interview, I explained what were the reasons that I stopped using PIP implants in 2004 and later started reporting them in Peer-Reviewed Journals, back in 2007-2008.


  10. Bariatic Surgery and surgery after massive weight loss

    Surgery for obesity is one of the frequently asked operation. Most common procedure is gastric banding though gastric bypass surgery is more aggressive procedure with more reliable and predictable results.

    At Reshape cosmetic clinic, we have a facility to arrange consultation with specialist surgeons and a long term follow up and after care plan. Mr Khan also has extensive experience in corrective surgery required for body reshaping. Most comonly asked procedures following weight loss are tummy tuck, body lift, breast uplift, thigh lift and arm lift. Some surgeon may employ an aggressive approach to deal with all these aspects at the same time but most surgeons including Surgeons in UK have more balanced approach. By planning surgery through different stages, surgical complications are minimised and patient’s safety is enhnaced. Mr Khan has been directing courses internationally on body contouring and have published articles on the subject as well.